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  2. If you *really* want to focus/quiet your brain, you need to keep practicing meditation. It isn’t easy. But you learn how to focus on your breath. Just on the breathing in and the breathing out. You notice those other thoughts, but you let them go. It’s a discipline.

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  4. Kære Anders.Tak for påpegningen af alle de fejl vi, hvis italiensk ikke er så godt, aldrig ville have opdaget.Hvis man er interesseret i gode oversættelser af Machiavellis værker (gerne de ovenvor nævnte), kan du så anbefale nogle?mvh CS

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  6. “We have reserved the The Tom Hilde Suite for you Sir”.Didn’t know it had gone that far…Everyday life at the hotel is the same everywhere. I must admit that I’m addicted to the Ipad. Better than stupid television anyway. A bit antisocial maybe, but the boys have obviously overcome that problem…Wish you good winds and long jumps in Sochi.

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  8. Aku pun ngandung gak….lg la anak sulung….lg teringin nk mkn mcm2. Kt tmpat aku duk pun xde gak bnda yg aku nak….tp x kecoh pon smpi nk kuar FB. Lain kali xtau tanya la org JB kt ne nk beli Famous Amos tu. Ni trus je bantai duk kutuk2…..org mcm ni anta je ke pedalaman. Biar die rasa letrik pun xde…..

  9. / The rest is history as they say, for Hitler failed to take Moscow, failed to take Leningrad, and most significantly failed to take Stalingrad -Stalingrad being reallythe point wherethe whole tide of the war turned against him.

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  11. Yes, he is must be Indonesian according to our law. And he must revoke all of his past connection with the US before he is granted as Indonesian citizen and passport. And he did that exactly when Lolo Soetoro adopted him as his son after he wed his mother. About the last question, I don’t know. You got to make forensic your self in the US authority. Hack their computer if you must. God speed.

  12. Carol,Testei o corretivo Bobbi Brown quano estive em Chicago, no fim do ano passado. Achei a textura muito parecida com o corretivo da Laura Mercier. Mas o da Laura ganha em cobertura. Por isso fiz a opção por ele. Mas depende muito do tipo de pele e da tonalidade das manchinhas ou olheiras que você pretende disfarçar. Pra mim o da Laura Mercier foi melhor Beiiijos=***

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  15. Things are looking really good for Walker tomorrow and the left is getting worried. With all the money spent there not helping they are turning to dirty tricks and last night there was a false report of a Walker love-child. They will stoop to new lows from here until November and we must be prepared for it, but it is fun to watch.

  16. Oui, il y a effectivement pas mal de baobabs là-bas, notamment sur un site appelé “” (article à paraître prochainement). Quant aux foulards, c’est parce que j’ai voulu floutté le visage des personnes en question et du coup, on dirait qu’il porte effectivement des masques…

  17. Weil ich als Lehrerin tätig bin und ich gerne alle meine Materialien ohne großen Aufwand immer bei mir hätte. stattdessen muss ich derzeit immer meine externe Festplatte lästig an den Schul-PC anschließen, da der Platz auf meinem IPad nicht ausreicht. Auch CDs bzw. DVDs muss ich extern über lästige Laptop-Beamer-Aufbauten abspielen, die teilweise mit Schleppereien bis in den 4.Stock verbunden sind:(

  18. Richard I really appreciate how clearly you have described the process of meeting ones self and others. I 100% agree, no words can describe the depth and beauty that is felt when one meets ones self or another. Thank you

  19. Adobe, I think Romney will win more than the 270 electoral college votes needed to win. All the signs are pointing that way. Three more left-leaning newspapers have endorsed Romney as well as lifelong Democrat Lee Iaccoca. Captain Zero is going down!

  20. Ha..ha…samma här,alltid snäll mamma(curlar vi eller….)hi..hi..Pretty Woman sÃ¥g jag oxÃ¥,vilken tur i ordningen vet jag inte,men jag älskar den filmen:)Härligt med en Egypten resa….Ha en skön Tisdag:)

  21. Hallo Gitte Schreibnudel,lese immer wieder gern, was Du schreibst. Oh die Schreibnudel wird automatisch geduzt, sorry, ist mir so rausgerutscht.Jeder Newsletter ist für mich ein Gewinn, freue mich schon auf den nächsten…Schönen Advent, gesegnete Weihnachten (das mein ich so wie ichs sage, nicht nur als Floskel) und ‘nen guten Rosh!!!Kerstin A. aus München

  22. UK Plants Genetically Modified Crops At Secret Gov Locations UK officials hope to protect genetically-modified crops from the actions of anti-genetically-modified extremists. Opponents have targeted almost all of the 54 GM crop trials since 2000 — recently more than 400 potato plants were destroyed on a farm at the University of Leeds in June. New Plan to Grow Genetically-Modified Crops in Secret Military Locations : Red, Green, and Blue

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  24. Olá,Ainda publicaremos um texto sobre o Disclosure Project, mas infelizmente, há sim vários problemas neste movimento, e várias testemunhas removeram seu endosso ao mesmo (como Edgar Mitchell, se não me engano). Relacionado ao Disclosure Project está o movimento de Exopolítica, sobre o qual publicamos uma dura crítica recentemente:Teorias de Conspiração sempre serão teorias de conspiração, mas eu diria que tais movimentos contribuem mais para lançar descrédito e nublar o tema do que a esclarecer algo.

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  26. Tens um sentido de esltio impressionante! Adoro o teu blog, para ser sincera e9 provalvelmente “O” meu blog preferido e este1 a altura de muitos grandes bloggers internacionais. c9 triste de se dizer que este sentido ague7ado para a moda e9 algo ainda em desenvolvimento em Portugal (apesar de nestes faltimos anos ter melhorado muito) mas tu e9s um forte exemplo de que aexiste.Acho que e9 a primeira vez que comento mas fae7o-o para dar os parabe9ns aqui pelo espae7o fante1sticoxxwww.thatbananas.blogspot.com

  27. Demjenigen der die schönen Bilder von Bilbao gepostet hat :Das ist das Baskenland -nicht Spanien – wer sehen will wo die Gelder der EU hingegangen sind- nun- für den sollten sie mal Bilder aus dem Süden Spaniens posten–Sevilla–z.B. oder die Autobahnen der Mittelmeer-Küste etc.Hier das mußten die Basken selbst finanzieren –gegen den Willen Spaniens– eskerik asko und übrigens …das Guggi muß ihnen auch nicht gefallen…

  28. //வன்மம் நிறைந்த கேள்விகளுக்கு // தியாகுருவே, செருப்பாலடிப்பதை விட கவிதைக்குப் பொருள் க001000ேட்பது வன்மம் நிறைந்தது என்று இந்த பாலகர்களுக்குத் தெரியாது மன்னித்து விட்டுவிடுங்கள். லீணா போன்ற பழங்குடியின புரட்சிப் போராளியைப் பற்றி இவர்களுக்கென்ன தெரியும்? எந்தப் புரட்சியாய் இருந்தாலும் அதன் கொ.ப.சேவான நீங்களே லீணாவின் பழங்குடிப் புரட்சி பற்றியும் இந்த சிறுவர்களுக்குப் பாடம் நடத்துங்களேன்.

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  30. I have a similar post going up next Tuesday that I’ve also been holding off on for months…it’s my personal opinion on people who declare bankruptcy to get out of consumer debts…Anyway, let’s just say that I 100% agree, lol. I also wouldn’t be able to continue the friendship since I only want to be friends with people I respect and can trust.I’m an understanding person when it comes to friends and always try to see their side of something while forming my opinion about a situation, but this seems obviously wrong.

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  33. Bree! That's her name! ; )This shot caught my eye with the same visceral response: I wish my world looked like that. I wish I were more organised. And my husband sounds just like your boyfriend.Thanks for your comment and this blog looks exactly like I'd like my blog to look: lots of white space, it's so beautiful.. just so I don't lose it I'm putting it on my blog roll this minute. I'll be back. (it's JIll btw: polka dot)

  34. "Emprestaram-no por mais um ano".Emprestaram-no? Excelente negócio!Menezes tem um problema, é feito da mesma massa dos peidos pelo que, mais tarde ou mais cedo e com a discrição que se impõe, vamos ter que o dar porque ninguém o compra.

  35. What PSI are you running at? Also are you running a hand valve or an electronic switch? Im running a 5gal tank and am running around 150psi. I have heard that you can run around 190-195 psi on the K3 and K5 series before the diaphragms blow…thoughts?

  36. This article is good .. nice to see a messy desk is a struggle for others..I’ll have to try organizing at the end of the day…Why I don’t? I guess, slowing down to organize, is like morphing from a jack rabbit to a tortoise.. So I just forge ahead.. but by the end of the week… I’m buried in chaos. I’m the rabbit that got somewhere fast but can’t find the finish line! So I often go in circles and finish late…End of the day clean up … I’ll try it

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  39. If a report is released it will say they found nothing credible. Unfortunately, I believe Joe has been silenced as his reelection is looming. People do not understand the lengths these people will go to protect the one. Murder is a common occurence with these people. If you oppose them they will either destroy you or "suicide" you. This country is in deep doodoo.

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  46. For me it's also super fun playing rabbit on FKT routes. Since I'm a slower guy, it's awesome to get a head-start up a route with faster guys chasing me hoping they don't catch me until the very end. Pushes me to push it, and makes it fun for the chasers.

  47. "There is this infant picture:"My God how long have the Obots been paid now 24/7/365 with taxpayer money to defend the Usurper on the Internet? I think of that "stimulus" package and what it really paid for. Whenever BHO is finally dragged before the Courts for his great crimes, these enablers will be found and dragged in front of it too.

  48. tjuju10 dit :Hello, vous dites que le jeux va se dérouler jusqu’à après deux ans d’ »entrainement » des « Chapeaux de Paille » mais jusqu’ou ira-t-il dans le nouveau monde ? Bon c’est un peu dure à rép parce que les personnes lisant le manga ne savent encore rien du nouveau monde non plus =S

  49. Seriously, J's assam laksa is that good? I had it during the Food fest, disappointed with the assam soup, it was lukewarm, not piping hot, you can hardly taste any fish from the bowl and no mint leaves too. My first and the last visit since then.If you know where to go in KL or PJ, you can find some good assam laksa, not from high end restaurants but from kopitiam and hawker stalls.

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  61. Hi Maureen! I had just published my latest post when I came over to your blog and read this. It’s funny but we are quite similar! I write about reading, baking, washing laundry and watching TV. Hope you had / are having a good evening!

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  70. hi,thanks for your review – the pictures are really great too, truly tempting! just one question: so is it truly a ‘buffet’ brunch or is it all served to your table, and all the dishes are just that – and no extras? could you order more if you were still hungry, e.g. more foie gras?thanks!

  71. Mr. Hayton,While I agree that pediphillia is wrong I would like to know exactly where in the Bible it is condemned. There is a lot of verses condemning homosexuality (which is not the same as pediphillia). I have not found anything in the Bible that addresses sexual abuse against women and children. In fact there are some verses that even condone rape. I would like to see specific verses that say that child sexual abuse is wrong. While I agree that condemning this is in the Christian spirit, I can’t see that you can credit the Bible with making a stand against it.

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